Manicure 20 | Pedicure 30 | Combo 45


Manicure 25 | Pedicure 40 | Combo 60

Our basic services include just a little bit more. After having your cuticles cut and your manicure done, be sure to say yes to the hot towel and massage!


Manicure 35 | Pedicure 55 | Combo 85

Treat yourself to a little bit more with our mini spa services. With your manicure or pedicure you will get an exfoliating scrub to freshen up your skin.


Manicure 45 | Pedicure 65 | Combo 105

Spoil yourself, you know you deserve it! With our Luxe Spa services you will get the full treatment. This service includes the exfoliating scrub, a hydrating mask and hot stones with your massage!

If you want to bring in a little one with you, we've got you covered!

A healthy alternative to getting acrylics. Dipping powder will give you strength, and help your nails grow without causing any damage. We can also add length for your special day or just because!

 Dazzle Dry Manicure



Dazzle Dry is for regular polish manicures and pedicures, that insures you'll be dry in 5 Minutes! (Seriously).

Dazzle Dry is also free from animal byproducts, animal testing, and harmful chemicals.


Gel Polish on Toes 15

Gel Polish on Hands 12

Dazzle Dry Polish     10
Hot Stones 5
Paraffin wax 10
Callus treatment 5
Hot oil Cuticle treatment 10
Extra massage 10

Gel removal on Fingers    10

Gel removal on Toes         15

(Free when receiving a mani/pedi)

Dipping Powder

Regular 45 | With Tips 55