Not enough hours in your day but need a quick clean up and some polish? Come in for a quick service we do a cuticle clean, shape your nails, buff and polish and out the door you go! (pedi-soak with hot water)


                                       Manicure 25   Pedicure 35   Combo 55


Our signature services include just a little bit more. After having your cuticles cut and your manicure done, be sure to say yes to the hot towel and massage!

pedi-Scrub your callus 


                                        Manicure 30   Pedicure 45   Combo 70


Dazzle Dry is an organic and vegan line that is free of the Big 5 chemicals. 

It's long lasting, DRIES IN 5 MINUTES, non-toxic, AND CRUELTY FREE.

You can choose to add dazzle dry to any service involving regular polish or opt for our fully organic line (dazzle dry included) with the services below.

                      Organic Manicure 50  Organic Pedicure 65  Combo 110


                            *All Organic Products with Deluxe Spa service*

         Organic Spa Manicure  65      Organic Spa Pedicure 80      Combo 140            


Shape, buff, hot water cuticle, honey & milk soak with hot water and exfoliation salt scrub, hot stone, lotion and oil massage, hot towel, paint. pedi-callus

*For the safety of the client, hot stones are not provided for premium manicures


                                            Manicure 40   Pedicure 60  Combo 95


Shape, buff, hot water cuticle, honey & milk soak with hot water and exfoliation salt scrub, hot stone, lotion massage, honey & milk masque with hot towel wrap, paint.

*For the safety of the client, hot stones are not provided for premium manicures


                                            Manicure 50   Pedicure 70  Combo 115


*under 9 years old    dazzle dry recommended

If you want to bring in a little one with you, we've got you covered!


                                           Manicure 18   Pedicure 25  Combo 40


A healthy alternative to getting acrylics. Dipping powder will give you strength and help your nails grow without causing any damage. We can also add length for your special day or just because!


                                     Dipping Powder 50  Dipping Powder with Tips 65


eyebrows, Waxing &  Tinting, 40

eyebrow tint, 25

eyebrow wax, 20

chin, 12

full arms, 50

full back , 55

full face, 55

half arms, 30

lip & brow, 30

sideburns, 15



All Lost Artistry pre fans are a natural matte black giving a beautiful and authentic finish. We use a unique double heat bonding method to ensure an ultra light-weight lash without compromising strength. Our pre fans are hand made and placed individually one at a time, positioned for an easy removal every time.


                                                      Classic Lashes & Lift, Tint


                   Full , $185     Fill , $65     Lash Lifts , $55     Lash Lift & Tint , $70